Piece of my heart

Photograph by David Kawai

Editor’s note: Piece of My Heart looks at Ottawans and the art they love. Send recommendations to psimpson@ottawacitizen.com.

Louise Radmore, an Ottawa-based commercial real-estate investor and manager, says it makes sense to keep a favoured piece of art at her Chelsea cottage. “My heart lives at my cottage. This is home for me, my utopian oasis, distanced from career or cares.”

The work she’s chosen for Piece of My Heart is Rideau Shoreline (30 by
80 inches, acrylic on panel) by Ottawa artist Andrew King.

Radmore explains:

“The cottage was designed to be a frame for my views of the Gatineau River. My artwork here is very personal and reflects this connection with nature and water. Each piece is precious to me, but none more so than this work by the masterful Andrew King.

“My first glimpse of this work was like a déjà vu moment. I stood in the gallery transfixed. I have been there. I have lived this scene from my kayak, on the banks of so many waterways and those moments when I am most in touch with nature affect me in a spiritual way. My day-to-day concerns disappear and I find peace with my place and time in the universe, humbled by the abiding grandeur of the environment. I knew that this painting had to come home with me.

“I love that it hangs where its size and visual impact dominate my indoor environment. At night it is lit to mimic my shoreline view, then shrouded by the night.

“This work is quite different from Andrew’s well-known style — no people, no flying churches or urban loneliness. It has a definite Group of Seven feel to it, but look closely and you will see King’s animation roots in the outline of the clouds and the points of the branches. I have been an admirer of his work for a number of years now and he never ceases to surprise me with the ongoing evolution of his work and how his distinctive voice always shines through.”

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