Wednesday live chat: Healthy meals for busy families

Editor’s note: As promised in our live chat, here is chef Clifford Lyness’ recipe for Yorkshire pudding:

Yorkshire batter

Serves: 24 muffin-size Yorkies

Step 1: Soup

625 grams flour

12 eggs

1-1/2 litres milk

to taste Kosher salt

to taste Freshly Ground Black Pepper

300 milliliters oil or drippings

Combine flour, eggs, milk and seasonings. Place a little oil/drippings in each muffin compartment and place in a 425 F oven, when hot (at smoking point) pour batter into each cup 3/4 full. It is a good idea at this point to put a baking sheet below your muffin pan to collect the fat that will be displaced as the Yorkie rises. After 15 minutes at 425 F, turn the oven down to 370 F for 18 minutes then down to 350 F to finish. The Yorkshire pudding should be crusty and golden on the exterior and soft pudding-like dough on the inside.


Ottawa Citizen Style editor Jennifer Campbell and Brookstreet Hotel executive chef Clifford Lyness hosted a live chat Wednesday, Feb. 29, 2012 about healthy meal ideas the busy family can fit in between hockey games and piano lessons.

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