Q&A with town’s Marc Doiron

Marc Doiron's proudest moment was opening his restaurant, town, on Elgin Street. (Photo: Remi Theriault)

Marc Doiron is chef and co-owner of town restaurant with his wife, Lori Wojcik. Trained as a baker and pastry chef, Marc has worked in both small and large establishments, always with the goal of owning his own place. He has embraced owning his own “Italian gastro-pub” and together Wojcik and Doiron have become an important part of Ottawa’s culinary landscape. Doiron took time away from his restaurant’s kitchen to answer our many questions.


OCS: Who are your style icons?

MD: Spike Jonze or Carson Daly — not necessarily for their personal style, but for their internal vision of reality, how they see the world and present it.

OCS: What’s on your bedside table?

MD: Cookbooks, lots of cookbooks

OCS: Best home accessory?

MD: Nespresso machine

OCS: Best recent fashion find?

MD: Broundoor black leather bag from Victoire

OCS: Whom would you invite for dinner if you could choose anyone in the world?

MD: Aziz Ansari (the actor and standup comic who plays Tom Haverford on Parks and Recreation.)

OCS: You can see the debut of any piece of music in history. What is it?

MD: Jaw Breaker on their first 24 Hour Revenge Therapy tour.

OCS: What’s your earliest memory?

MD: Colouring in kindergarten

OCS: Your biggest fashion faux-pas, when, where and how?

MD: Neon Sunice ski jacket

OCS: Proudest moment?

MD: Opening town

OCS: Favourite piece of furniture?

MD: Our harvest table

OCS: Qualities you most admire in a person?

MD: Sense of humour, honesty, strong work ethic

OCS: Whom would you most like to cook for or serve?

MD: My mom…she passed away before we opened town, so I’d love to show her what we’ve accomplished.

OCS: Describe a perfect day off (it can be anywhere in the world).

MD: Both a day filled with good food and wine, maybe some surfing. Definitely on a beach on the west coast!

OCS: Favourite visual artist, living or dead?

MD: Gerhard Richter

OCS: Favourite local artist (if different from above, and doesn’t have to be a visual artist)?

MD: (Tattoo artist) Julian Garner, (photographer) Remi Theriault and (musician) Jim Bryson

OCS: Best book you read in the past year?

MD: Steve Jobs: A Biography

OCS: Favourite food?

MD: Pasta

OCS: Most-oft-played song on your iPod or MP3 player?

MD: Dinosaur Jr., Watch the Corners

OCS: Wine, beer or both?

MD: both

OCS: Mac or PC?

MD: Mac

OCS: Fine dining or plain old diners?

MD: Somewhere in between

OCS: Best restaurant in Ottawa?

MD: Way too hard to answer! How much time do you have?

OCS: Person, place or thing that makes you proudest/happiest that you live in Ottawa?

MD: The great restaurant community we are part of

OCS: Fave blog or website?

MD: the berrics, vice munchies

OCS: Twitter, Facebook or both?

MD: Neither

OCS: What’s your guilty pleasure?

MD: Katy Perry songs and So You Think You can Dance (U.S. edition)

OCS: Favourite place to spend time?

MD: At home with (my wife) Lori

OCS: How would you like the world to remember you? What would your eulogist ideally say?

MD: As someone who was kind.


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