Found: Get a green glow

WHAT: Glow natural green juice

WHERE: SimplyRaw Express, 989 Wellington St. W,  (613) 234-0806

COOL FACTOR: This 350-mL bottle contains the same nutritious goodness as two big leafy salads. The juice is made using locally sourced organic seasonal greens, cucumber, celery, cilantro, pineapple and lime. While the ingredients are healthy, the process in which they are pressed enhances the nutrition. “It’s not just the actual combination but it’s also the hydraulic press we use,” says co-owner Natasha Kyssa. She says the 85-pound juicer requires a two-step, labour-intensive process that involves grating and straining, leaving no pulp. It’s just pure nutrition that infuses the body immediately. “Without the (pulp) fibre, it’s a bonus because you are absorbing (the juice) so rapidly, so it goes right into the bloodstream and you get an energy boost.”

Kyssa says Glow is very hydrating for dry skin, which is an issue for many this time of year. “It is also really good for a heavy metal detox. For example pineapple is really good for inflammation … it is alkalizing to the body as well.”


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