Thursday Q&A with designer Renee Levesque

Renée Lévesque in her shop

Renée Lévesque in her shop

For more than 25 years, Renée Lévesque has been designing and creating exquisite jewelry. Her designs are inspired by the latest trends from Montreal and Europe. Her passion for jewelry shows in her contemporary yet elegant creations. She designs her handmade jewelry in her studios in Montréal and Ottawa. 

OCS: Who are your style icons?

RL: Coco Chanel, but I love anything by Alber Elbaz and Marc Jacobs.

OCS: What’s on your bedside table?

RL: My iPad and water

OCS: Best home accessory?

RL: My antique gold chandelier

OCS: Best recent fashion find?

RL: A necklace pendant that becomes a pair of glasses!

OCS: Whom would you invite for dinner if you could choose anyone in the world?

RL: I know it’s tacky, but probably Oprah Winfrey.

OCS: You can see the debut of any piece of music in history. What would it be?

RL: Anything by Beethoven

OCS: What’s your earliest memory?

RL: Playing with Barbies

OCS: Your biggest fashion faux-pas, when, where and how?

RL: I went to a club once with my dad’s pyjamas on when I was 18. It actually turned out really cool!

OCS: Proudest moments?

RL: When I opened my first store at age 20 and bought the building!

OCS: Favourite piece of furniture?

RL: My antique couch I’m re-upholstering

OCS: Qualities you most admire in a person?

RL: A great sense of humour

OCS: For whom would you most like to design?

RL: Coco Chanel

OCS: Describe a perfect day off (it can be anywhere in the world).

RL: To spend a full day in the Chanel Bijoux Atelier with no interruptions!

OCS: Favourite visual artist, living or dead?

RL: Monet

OCS: Favourite local artist (if different from above, and doesn’t have to be a visual artist)?

RL: Zen B (fashion designer from Montreal)

OCS: Best book you read in the past year?

RL: How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell

OCS: Favourite food?

RL: Salad and good bread

OCS: Most-oft-played song on your iPod or MP3 player?

RL: I don’t have an iPod

OCS: Wine, beer or both?

RL: Neither

OCS: Mac or PC?

RL: Mac

OCS: Fine dining or plain old diners?

RL: Fine dining

OCS: Best restaurant in Ottawa?

RL: Ei8hteen on York Street

OCS: Person, place or thing that makes you proudest/happiest that you live in Ottawa?

RL: The Rideau Canal

OCS: Fave blog or website?


OCS: Twitter, Facebook or both?

RL: None!

OCS: What’s your guilty pleasure?

RL: Popcorn

OCS: Favourite place to spend time?

RL: In the woods with my dog JD

OCS: How would you like the world to remember you? What would your eulogist ideally say?

RL:As a good designer/ business woman

Renée Lévesque designer Ottawa

One of Renée Lévesque's pieces

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