Top, 18k gold necklace with pendant, $1890 (without chain); stacked rings (set of five 18k-gold rings, $3475); gold ring is a 42-karat aquamarine cabochon, set in 28-gram 18k-gold green gold, $5500. Jewelry from Disegno, 100 Murray St. Photographed with "Hollywood", a yellow anaconda.

Ottawa’s unique jewelers have created stunning 
must-have objects to seduce your eyes and your pocketbook, leading you, willingly, into …

Photographs by Joel Bedford

Hair by Anne Marie Rooney

Make up by Sommer Mbonu

Model Missy from Angie’s

Special thanks to Little 
Ray’s Reptile zoo for providing 
the serpentine co-stars.



Necklace, $239 (part of a set with earrings, not seen); earrings, $79 (comes as a set with brooch, not seen), Celtic knot ring, $45; black ring $125; silver ring, $75. All jewelry from Logan's Antiques, 1097A Bank St. Photographed with "Lightning" a black rat snake.


Bird skull necklace $89; Silver rock necklace $59; Horse ring $65; large silver ring $15; bracelet $39. Jewelry from Wunderkammer, 238 Dalhousie St. Photographed with "Turbana", a reticulated python.


Necklace $179; Earrings $29; Bracelet $39. Jewelry by Renee Levesque, 24 Murray St. Photographed with "Cyrus", a Burmese python.

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