Street Fashion with Lissa Seymour

Lissa Seymour

Spotted on the street: Lissa Seymour
Age: 50
Day job: Program officer at Canada Revenue agency
Where: Steve Maclean Park
Wearing: Race suit is made by Robena. “I got it at the Ottawa Race Weekend Expo. There are a few vendors there who sell their own clothing and jewelry.”
Why she likes to run: “It’s very social and it’s a good workout that you can do in a short period of time. I’ve been doing it since 2004.”
What she likes about her outfit: “It’s versatile. I can use the sleeves as shade or to keep me warm. I can also take them off if I get too hot. The print is bright and unique. It’s easy to spot me, which is important when you’re looking at a crowd.”


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