Naughty nightwear

Bra from Brio, $112; vintage shapewear, Château Laurier Vintage clothing sale, stylist’s own; necklace, $18, and bracelet, $15, both from Aldo.

Even though you made it onto Santa’s nice list, there’s nothing wrong with being a little naughty this winter by turning up the heat in your wardrobe

Photographs and styling by Gilda Furgiuele


Many women dream of finding a tiny blue box, wrapped in a silky white ribbon —that trademark Tiffany’s wrapping — but this year, receiving something saucier might actually end up bringing more satisfaction. After all, a well-fitted piece of lingerie can help any woman feel beautiful, desirable and more confident. Garter belts, bustiers and sequined bras have the sizzle to melt even the harshest case of winter blues. So trade your stocking filled with trifling trinkets for some stunning hosiery and have yourself a merry little Christmas indeed.

Crop top from Lilac, $62, Clare Bare hustle rose cinched panty from Lilac, $32.

Motivation to melt the pounds: The holidays are above all known for two things; copious amounts of rich food and solemn resolutions to shed those inevitable Christmas pounds when the feasting finally ends. Yet as the dark chilly nights drag on, many of us allow our fanatical fitness routines to slide. We prefer instead to stay cosy on the couch with Jon Stewart chattering on the TV, a cup of frothy hot cocoa in one hand and a tin of leftover holiday baking in the other (somebody has to eat it before it goes stale, right?) Even though you may feel hidden from view beneath a bulky winter coat, a silky slip or lacy bra-set can provide some much needed inspiration to help keep your bod toned and tight. Many of us dedicate countless hours to the gym at the first sign of spring to get primed for
bikini season. So why not invest that same frantic enthusiasm for the chance to lounge luxuriously by a fireplace in lingerie? Allow your bedroom to become your private winter beach — a steamy paradise where you can sport some sexy new fashions. You might be surprised by how motivated you become to look your best this winter and work out. Plus if you have a special someone, bedroom escapades encouraged by a well-stocked lingerie drawer can help burn even more calories. Bonus!

Cosabella (Sweetie) bralette from Lilac, $58; Cosabella (Cutie) one-size thong from Lilac, $28; necklace by Renée Levesque, $98.

The key to happiness: Feeling down during a Canadian winter is understandable: After all, we have to bundle up in unflattering heavy layers and chunky thermal boots; people never talk about winter romances as they do the summer ones; and, we tend to find ourselves snowed-in on a regular basis and prone to hibernation behaviours as a result. Luckily, lingerie can help liberate these weighty feelings by allowing some mischievous,
flirty fun. Wearing something pretty beneath our tough winter exteriors can put a spring in our step and make us feel attractive no matter how red our noses may be from the biting cold. When enjoying the comforts of our own home, we can literally shed our winter layers and revert back to a time of bare skin and hot stuff. Bad weather preventing you from getting all dressed up for a cocktail party? Dress down instead, open a bottle of wine and enjoy a bit of indulgent “you” time in your stylish undies. Become a true lady of leisure.

A fun gift for a special someone: Between preparing the meal, attending the parties, travelling to visit family and joining the last-minute shoppers, the holidays can put stress on a relationship. Giving a fun piece of lingerie to your romantic partner can be a wonderful way to stay connected throughout the holiday chaos. An intimate gift like this tells your partner, “Psst! I’m still thinking about you” and creates an instant reminder to spend some quality time together, as soon as possible! Whether you are happily flying solo or waiting for someone underneath the mistletoe, a few fashion-forward pieces of lingerie make a thrilling, meaningful addition to the holiday season. Wink, wink!

NKiMode (Morgan) Chemise from Lilac, $123.



Lingerie shopping dos and don’ts

La Fee Verte Kimono, $156, strapless bra, $82, panties, $48, all from Lilac.

DON’T: Make a purchase without
trying it on first. What looks lovely
on the hanger might not be the
best fit for your body type, which
can be discouraging when you
try it on at home. Boys, if shopping
for your girlfriend or wife, be sure
to have her measurements on
hand so your gift will fit like an
elegant glove.


DO: Invest in a professional
bra-fitting. A knowledgeable sales
associate will help you adjust bra
strap lengths and consider cup sizes
in order to find the bra that gives
you the most comfortable and
flattering support possible.


DON’T: Play it safe. If your undie
drawer is bursting with the same
kinds of items, embrace something
new. The holidays are about
dazzling with decorations. Why not
wear something that sparkles? Just
because you try it on doesn’t mean
you have to commit to the style, but
you might also be surprised by what
looks best on you.

Bra, Topaz demi-cup from Brio, $98.95; Perle control hi brief from Brio, $63.95, necklace from Renée Levesque, $169, bracelettes by Renée Levesque, $39 and $35. Makeup by Ashley lebrun Model: Michelle S. from Models International Management THanks to arc. the hotel for the location.


DO: Embrace bold colours and new
styles. Remember, lingerie is the
winter equivalent to the summer
bikini. There are tonnes of cuts,
colours and styles to truly spice up
your look. But heed Coco Chanel’s
words: “The best colour in the
whole world is the one that looks
good on you!”


DON’T: Shop just anywhere.
A trick to making the lingerie-buying
experience a pleasurable one is
finding a boutique where you feel
comfortable. Knowledgeable,
friendly sales associates, a warm
temperature and even a store’s
decor will all help you feel at ease.


DO: Wear what you buy. Resist the
urge to store your little sumthin’
sumthin’ with those infamous skinny
jeans we all have stashed away in the
darkest recesses of our closets for
“one day.” Even if you only break out
that incredible baby-doll chemise in
your bedroom, be sure to wear it
and appreciate how amazing you
look and feel in it.

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