Lee-Ann Lacroix has launched a new jewelry brand called Osolee

Lee-Ann Lacroix is an interior decorator and sommelier who is embarking on a new jewelry line called Osolee. (Photograph by Chris Mikula/Ottawa Citizen)

Fashion and decor maven Lee-Ann Lacroix is combining her two great loves in a new online boutique that promises to bring a little more sparkle to the nation’s capital.

Lacroix, an interior decorator for more than 15 years, has built a solid reputation helping design chic spaces for well-heeled clients in Ottawa, as well as Europe. She is branching out with the launch of Osolee.ca, a jewelry and decor shop featuring unique finds from around the world. The name was a no-brainer after constantly hearing friends say, “Oh, that’s so Lee” when seeing a particular item of clothing that would suit her.

A longtime home decor correspondent for CTV, Lacroix would often receive calls from viewers admiring what she had on and would ask where she shopped. The self-confessed travelholic, started picking up pieces on her travels with the idea of one day starting up an online lifestyle brand.

“I travel the world and select pieces that are trending. I go with my gut and purchase what I like and know others will, too. I’ve found contacts in various cities and deal with them directly. As long as I do this, prices will be reasonable,” says Lacroix, who owned and operated Country Details, a furniture and decorating boutique for several years in Ottawa.

Her website features unique pieces that include pretty jewelled headbands, rhinestone necklaces, vintage-inspired brooches, funky leather bracelets from Los Angeles, colourful Buri bead necklaces from Indonesia and sparkly cuffs from Italy. Each item is named for someone who inspires Lacroix, including her nieces and friends. There is a section on the website devoted to some of Ottawa’s top fashion bloggers who were asked by Lacroix to wear a piece from her collection based on their own style.

“I’ve got pieces that you can wear for fun and out to a gala and wedding. There’s jewelry inspired by Betsy Johnson, Prada and Marc Jacobs. I purchase items in small quantities to keep things exclusive and unique.”

The Ottawa native’s love of fashion was developed at an early age when she attracted the attention of International Top Models, which lead to stints working as a model and living in Toronto, Montreal and New York City beginning at the tender age of 13.

Her personal blog at leeannlacroix.ca offers a snapshot into her jet-setting life with family photos of trips to Las Vegas and Monaco and articles on how to travel in style, where to eat, stay and what to wear. There are also easy-to-follow holiday craft suggestions for Christmas, Mother’s Day and more.

Lacroix is keen to delve into other areas, too, and is working on rolling out a luxury home interiors’ line, as well as offering travel apparel.

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