Fifth day of Christmas

As the song says, on the 5th day of Christmas, “my true
love gave to me, five golden rings!” What would the holidays be without an array of jewels and baubles? We hunted down our favourite pieces from FrAsh, Stella & Dot, the Antique Market and a variety of other Ottawa shops to bring you an affordable buffet wrapped up in a classical theme. Can you spot the jewels among the art? Isn’t a beautifully designed piece of jewelry a work of art in itself? We think so.

By Justyna Baraniecki Photographs by Joel Bedford

From left, Chantilly Lace gold cuff from Stella & Dot, $98; gold bib Pegasus necklace, $198; purse from Ruby X, $35; gold and green bracelet, Ottawa Antique Market, $65;(in the wine glass) black stone and silver chain necklace by FrAsh, $75; Nouvelle black stone ring from Stella & Dot, $49.


From left, (on the wine bottle) gold and purple bead necklace by FrAsh, $55; (also on the wine bottle) silver chain and key earrings by Pica from Norml, $55; (on the statue) Stella & Dot Aurora cocktail ring, $49; (also on the statue) gold necklace by FrAsh, $55; (on the candle holder) Stella & Dot Camilla ring, $49; (on the decanter) Stella & Dot Leona pendant necklace, $98; feather earrings by Pica, $55.


Photo 3

From left, gold bead and chain Jacqueline necklace from Stella & Dot, $228; antique stone After the Rain bracelet from Stella & Dot, $79; (on the fish) black rhinestone earrings by Pica from Norml, $50; silver chain ring from Aldo, $12; silver coffered ring by Ellen Tracy, from The Bay, $65; silver spike earrings by FrAsh (, $50; gold chain horn necklace by FrAsh, $65; gold chain and red bead necklace, Ottawa Antique Market, $10.


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