DIY of the day: Revamp old shoes

Too-trendy shoes get a traditional overhaul

We all agree a new paint colour can change the mood of a room — the same is true for clothing. Often we buy overtly trendy things that we only wear a few times before they disappear into the depths of our closets. To save shoes from that fate, try this great way to update a pair of old shoes into something more timeless. Like our living space, sometimes all it needs is a new coat of paint.

 The steps:

1. You will need an old pair of shoes, acrylic paint, and Deco Art’s Triple Thick Gloss Glaze Lustre.

2. If the colour of the shoe is dark, paint it over with white paint and then apply the desired end colour.

3. Remove any accoutrements you no longer like.

4. Apply a coat of Gloss Glaze Lustre and let it dry.

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