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Kyler Crawford sports dark selvedge Icon jeans by House of Halls, $170, a wool shawl collar sweater by Matinique of Denmark, $199, white dress shirt (18-½ tall) by ECCOLO, $89, wool and silk tie by HSM, $65, and handmade belt by Chelsea’s JMB Leather, $86. Available at L'Hexagone. (Photo: Jean Levac)

When Kyler Crawford finds a pair of pants that fit, he’ll buy three.

At six-foot-six and a 40-inch waist, there aren’t many stores that can accommodate his size.

Enter two Ottawa companies that cater to men of stature. House of Halls designs and produces smart, stylish jeans, and L’Hexagone, a menswear retail store, are teaming up to offer more options for bigger men.

Aimee Deziel came up with the concept for House of Halls after noticing that her partner, who wears size 40, had a hard time finding stylish clothing.

She started her company, which is primarily an online business, along with Leisha MacDonald, in July 2011 and caters to men sized 32 to 46.

“Men, in general, are taking much more care with their appearance and their style selections. But larger men still struggle to find stylish options and resources,” says Deziel.

Yannick Beauvalet of L’Hexagone, which is located on Dalhousie Street in the ByWard Market, says he’s thrilled to be working with a local company that produces jeans.

The two businesses stumbled across one another on Twitter and began a collaboration about two months ago.

“At L’Hexagone, we specialize in hard-to-fit men who are looking for modern styles with a European flair. We aren’t Harry Rosen, but we aren’t Moores either. We offer midprice points and are ahead of the trends,” Beauvalet says.

House of Halls has eight denim designs and will unveil about 20 more in February, such as khakis and cords in varied colour pairings.

“From a brand perspective, it was a good first step launching a company based on denim. Introducing other options makes perfect sense,” says Aimee Deziel.

MacDonald says bigger men tend to wear baggy clothing, which only exaggerates their size. “We offer denim pants without the over-the-top stitching or embellishments with tabbing options and waistband fabric.”

Crawford, who played football in university and in Europe and will begin an MBA in New Brunswick, says he’ll stock up on House of Halls jeans first. “It’s such a hassle for bigger dudes to find jeans. They now have a client for life.”

(Photos shot on location at Sopra Ristorante.)

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