Behind-the-scenes: Michaëlle Jean photo shoots

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At the end of his photo shoot, Hobin showed Jean a book produced from his "In the Playroom" series. He took one photo where Aliyah, at left, posed as Jean eating a seal heart in the North.

Three art photographers, three takes on Michaëlle Jean’s portrait

Style asked three Ottawa art photographers — Darren Holmes, Jamie Kronick and Jonathan Hobin — to report to the studio belonging to Ottawa Dance Directive one morning in September. The mission? To give our readers their take on Michaëlle Jean, former governor general, current UNESCO representative for Haiti and always fashion icon. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what unfolded that morning. See the striking final results here or in the print edition of Style, Nov. 24 for subscribers and later the following week for newsstand sales.

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